All Collusion Is Not Conjecture


Remember a simple rule of physics – when two objects collide – the one
with the greatest mass prevails.

There are 300 Million of us – and just a few
thousand of them.

The corpo bankers anxiety has reached impatience levels, be prepared for

 Intimidation is not power.

JFK 11

There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child.

Before I leave this high and noble office I intend to expose this plot.

JFK: seven days before his assassination.

National Defense Authorization Act was recently passed (and keeps getting up-graded) not because their fear of terrorist, it’s because their afraid of what the people will do if they find out what the power elite have done and what their about to do. Although a National Defense Act is passed every year this one has gone over the top. The Bill of Rights has been going through a slow motion shredding machine for sometime now but, this act just turned up the dial to super fast.

The NDA was recently reauthorized without a peep from the press.


Get more truth and information from alternative news. Don’t just rely on Mass Media for important views and comment.

Don’t let  MAIN STREAM MEDIA warp your good sence of judgement. CBSNBCCNNABCFOX will only report what they think you need to know. Then it will be twisted to suit their view and ultimate agenda to control the masses.



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