Enacted in Congress many years ago to deal with the cost of living increases annually. Every year Congress adds 7 1/2% to its overall budget. lt did not matter if the cost of living had no increase, Congress still adds on 7 1/2% per year.


This is the main reason why we have a 14.5 Trillion dollar debt today.


The first time I became aware of it was on the Rush Limbaugh talk show in the 90~s. Rush explained it so eloquently but the masses were being manipulated by the National media and the political progressive movement in this country, The best example was where the Republicans finally had control of the house and Senate with Newt Gingrich leading the pack with the A New Contract with America After over 40+ years of Democratic control.


The new deal lead by the New Republicans in the majority was to cut baseline budgeting in half or 3 1/2% increase per year. But to listen to the political pundits and the so called main stream media, The nasty Republicans were going to starve old people out of their homes and cut food programs out of the public school system. The ignorant populas bought into the outright lies even though we were stilt having a 3 1/2% increase over all. Now with the country ready to default on its loans and no balanced budget in sight, the politicians are still not even thinking about baseline 7 1/2% increases per year.


The only way to turn this country around is to eliminate baseline budgeting down to zero. Anything else is pure smoke and mirrors.


The so called new deal claims it cuts 3 Trillion over ten years, but with baseline budgeting still in place there will be over 8 Trillion new debt on top of 14 Trillion past down to our children.


Shame on all elected Politicians.

Steve Berry