This man has been graded the worst president in American history. I agree, but I am a freedom loving, god fearing, conservative thinking person. If you are talking to a progressive/liberal, to them he is there hero and an icon to their movement of total government control and power over the population.


In the early seventy’s president Carter helped with the enhancement of the N.E.A (National Education Association) with the full intent to control what was being taught in our public school system with the motto one size fits all. A brilliant move that has come full cycle. The results, our next generation will not know how we achieved the freedoms this country experienced. Their ignorance of the past will make them subjects of a fascist state, and it only took less than fifty years. Indoctrination works. Otherwise we would not be in a crisis state of affairs. To the progressives, they would not have come this far without Mr. Carter’s vision. A true hero to the oppressors




Steve Berry