Who’s kidding who?


This country is looking at a fourteen trillion dollar debt created by our elected officials in Washington. To the average Joe like myself what does a trillion dollars represent? I came up with a comparison to shine some light on these crooks. My first comparison is the difference between one billion dollars and one trillion dollars. Take out a ten dollar bill and put it next to a penny. It is the same as a million dollars to one billion dollars. Now let’s do to the math. The democrats want to cut this debt by thirty billion dollars. Using my scale fourteen trillion dollars is scaled down to one hundred and forty dollars; thirty billion is less than one third of one percent or five cents. Chump change!


Now let’s compare the republicans generosity, these crooks are ready to cut the debt by one hundred billion or fifteen cents out of one hundred forty dollars, big whoop.


The first thing I would do is pull a Ross Perot, go into each area of government and find 20 percent waste and fraud. I will only charge five percent of the twenty percent without touching any sacred cows which would balance the budget within ten years and have a five percent surplus. The second thing I would do is impeach every elected official from the president down. The third thing I would do is term limits on all elected officials, career politicians need not apply! The fourth thing I would do is tort reform, to control frivolous lawsuits with a two hundred fifty thousand dollar cap on all cases. The fifth thing I would do is regulate speculators. This would put a stop to the George Soros of the world trying to destroy the economy by devaluing the dollar. This would be a great platform for a god fearing, freedom loving, and conservative thinking person. In other words the average Joe like me can do a better job than these crooks in Washington today. P.s with the five percent that I’m charging to clean up Washington I would have enough funds to take on anyone in the presidential arena.


From one average Joe to another,

Steve Berry