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Libya Qadaffi Let me see here, no central banks, real money made of gold, a lot of oil and other natural resources, government is based on community, turned the desert into a garden. What does Libya have that the elite bankers would want? NATO bombs the water pipes and then thats not enough, they bomb the plant that makes the water pipes. Just like Iraq, Libya will be much worse off within the next two years.

It appears that NATO operations are ending just as they began, based on a verified pack of lies


 The way these evil ruling class work is that they have long term plans. They believe their grandchildren will still be ruling the planet in the future. They have more $ than they will ever be able to spend so they seek more and more control over their servants, the labor class.

 The Obama administration has been working hand-in-glove with the United Nations (UN) to end property rights in America and transition to Global Governance. Once achieved, the citizens………………