Ghaddafi a Heroe Ghaddafi is considered a heroe by the majority of Libyan’s

Truth about Libya – Watch this video and be Shocked! I have Confirmed what this video claims is Truth! Libya had the Best Human Rights for the People and they were Free!


It’s amazing what the west will believe about the rest of the world. Propagana is at an all time high, getting the people not to use their common sence and belive what is right in front of their eyes. In the schools this year the teachers will probley be explaining to the bumbed down students how bad Ghaddafi was. There is only one side to education, thats the one the major foundations have imported into the school system.

Did you notice how clean the streets are and how nice all the buildings are in the video?  Did you notice the nice cars?  Did you notice how throughout all the streets you did not see any trash?  Did you notice there was no poverty?  Did you notice no one looked homeless and having to beg on the streets?   Did you see the truth?