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Let’s connect the dots here. This sort of makes sence in my small bewildered mind. Block the sun and you block an essential vitamin needed by all living humans. A vitamin that’s required for good health and longevity. There appears to be more to the chem-trail conspiracy fact than originally thought.

And, as a friend pointed out the FDA/Pharma control of vitamins as drugs. What are they up to, the SPRP (Slow Population Reduction Program). You can’t forget these people do things in a long time frame.

 Mitt Romney is hawkish on Iran because he is supported by Zionist warmongers like the Crown family of Chicago.

Here’s an interesting artical about Romney and his connection to israel corporations.

The same force that got obama in the whitehouse is now corrupting the ballot count for romney. What took place in Iowa has been carried over to NH as well. Voting in the corporate controled US has been flushed down the rabbit hole. The below is from an older artical at It’s obvious Dr. Paul can’t win. The federal reserve, pentagon and weapons manufacturers will not allow it. Not unlike cancer and vaccines, there is to much $$ to be made when it comes to never ending war.

Every American president has wealthy individuals and families dedicated to getting them elected. The reliance of candidates for public office on the largesse of the rich may be common and expected, but it is nonetheless extremely dangerous. This corruption insures access for the rich, which guarantees that their interests are at the top of any president’s agenda, usually at the expense of what is good for everyone else.

Lester Crown’s opinions are not like anyone else’s two cents. He is a defense contractor, meaning he has a personal interest in maintaining the state of permanent war for the United States. He is also a very wealthy man who worked hard to get Barack Obama elected. Crown’s October 1, 2007 fundraiser was directed primarily at Jewish contributors who may have been insufficiently convinced of Obama‘s support for maintaining the status quo in America‘s relations with Israel. The event invitation read in part, “The purpose of the evening is to show Barack how appreciative we are of his steadfast, honest and proud support of Israel.”