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Prospects for survival / dangers

By Old S.F. Trooper
Updated30 April 2003

1. At home under normal conditions: / prospects excellent / dangers minimal.

2. At home under emergency conditions: / prospects seriously reduced / dangers increased.

3. Movement from home to Retreat Area: / you are most vulnerable during this period / dangers from other people great, possible disruption or clogging of roads due to mass evacuation, terrorist activity, or closures and detours of roadways

Likely methods of travel:

4 WHD vehicle, w/wo trailer, R.V., Truck, Family car, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Horse, Hand Cart, On foot, Boat, Aircraft

4. At Relocation Site, IE:

Dedicated relocation site (preferably at least partially pre stocked)
Family or friends house
Camp site, random or specific
Designated Rally Point / Assembly Area, prospects good as long as supplies hold out and good security / greatest danger is man, possibly wildfire.

5. Rucksack: / prospects pretty good as long as very limited supply of food holds out. / Greatest danger is from man, other predators / Personal weapon, ammo, survival kit essential: highly recommend minimum of 10 days dried food rations (minimum of at least 1 lb per day), Highly recommend (1) 2qt canteen on rucksack and (2) 1qt canteens, cups and covers on web gear w/absolute minimum of (1) 1 qt canteen, cup & cover on web gear.

6. Web gear: / prospects greatly reduced. / Greatest danger is still man, other predators, should have personal weapon, at least 1 day food ration on your person, personal survival kit and first aid kit carried on web gear, and at least two 1 qt canteens on belt.

7. Clothes on your back / prospects getting dire / greatest dangers are dehydration, hypothermia, starvation, man, and other predators. As a minimum, weapon (hopefully), knife, mini survival kit with fire starting equipment and water purification tablets.

8. Buck naked / you’ve pretty much had it, but don’t give up.

* Note, always test your theories: 35 years ago I was told to carry condoms in my mini survival kit to serve as makeshift canteens. O. K., I guess you can, but I never had much luck with that, as I could only get about a cup of water in one and I was always breaking them while carrying them around. I think the Instructors at Ft Bragg just enjoyed watching us running around with them tied around our necks. Just remember, in a survival situation, a positive mental attitude, knowledge and a little luck nearly always gets you through, but a negative attitude will probably get you killed.


Allways be ready for anything, because anything could happen at any time.