vtfree2 28 Jan 2012


By now most have heard about the executive order created by a recent presidential Executive Order, The “Council of Governors “on January 11 2010, allowing this appointment to closely work with the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and other defense and national security advisors to exchange views, information and advice on matters of mutual interest pertaining to the National Guard, homeland defense, synchronization and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States, and civil support activities.

The council of 10 will work intimately with the regular military bring the state and federal government closer together regarding military operations.

Isn’t the Guard part of the blue team already and working closely with the regular military during deployment? What military activities are they referring to that will be conducted within the United States? Will these activities include my family, friends and close: just down the road people?

The Council of 10: Recent information on this outfit is scarce but, my guess is they are still active and alive, doing their dirty deeds in the dark as appointed to do so. Most of these Gov’s were instrumental in inducting DHS objectives within their state legislations.

The (last known) Members:

 Governor James H. Douglas, Co-Chair, Council of Governors

Governor Chris Gregoire, Co-Chair, Council of Governors

Governor Janice K. Brewer, Member, Council of Governors

Governor Luis G. Fortuño, Member, Council of Governors

Governor Brad Henry, Member, Council of Governors

Governor Robert F. McDonnell, Member, Council of Governors

Governor Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon, Member, Council of Governors

Governor Martin O’Malley, Member, Council of Governors

Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue, Member, Council of Governors

Governor M. Michael Rounds, Member, Council of Governors

This council has the potential to take command away from state governors and put the control of National Guard troops completely in the hands of the fed. Governors will be pressured to relinquish command of NG units no longer having authority to influence and organize their movement. The amendments will no longer apply sovereignty and National Guard independence commanded by the people of the state.

Heard loud and clear by many the NDAA (battlefield bill) was recently passed again, which is entirely over the top with the additional power of being able to detain and arrest, without a warranted hearing, US civilians by the regular military on American soil and kill if necessary.

You can thank Pat Leahy D-VT for pushing this draconian action along with a stand-alone amendment. This amendment has allowed the Chief of the National Guard Bureau (NGB), Gen. Craig R. McKinley, to sit with the current six members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Which has been denied twice in legistaration until recently.

I had the opportunity to ask Sen. Leahy a few weeks back about the council of 10 and if Douglas had resigned that position as he stated on a Vermont talk radio show. He stated he was not familiar with the council, which is highly unlikely because the council was positioned into operation entirely for the reason of bring the two militaries under one roof. And don’t tell me Leahy dosn’t know Douglas. He also said he thought the new NDAA was beneficial because it gave additional enhanced equipment to the National Guard. Wouldn’t the NG have access to the same equipment during deployment outside of the US? Reasonable assumption would dictate he was referring to equipment here in the good old US.

Reading the latest “The American Legion Magazine” there is a very startling quote from former chief of NGB Lt. Gen. H. Steven Blum:

“This is not about elevating the National Guard. This about providing the president of the United States and secretary of defense the kind of advice, counsel and information they have not been able to get, frankly, especially for missions to be done in the homeland.” (Italics added)

What was he referring to with the “missions to be done in the homeland” statement? What kind of missions in the homeland is this military suit talking about? And, what does he know that we don’t?

Anyone that takes the time to read alternative material on the net and elsewhere considering the establishment of f-e-m-a detention camps, thousands of plastic coffins, Nor-Com , movement of military equipment across the US, the round up and arrest of peaceful protesters, militarization of local police departments, the collapsing USD and the possibility of WWIII (Iran & mid-east).

With the amount of ordinary people that are finally waking up to the control and corruption of the system the rulers are getting restless. So, would not a reasonable thinking person conclude something is just plain wrong. Are dire events coming down the pike? Are we prepared for war in our towns and cities? Is it just a matter of time perhaps before the war(s) comes here, to the homeland?