Can Anyone Trust Any News

  In this age of televised action news reporting it appears to be like a “made for TV movie”. You can’t even trust what you’re seeing with your own eyes on the tube. Actor’s playacting on a stage for your viewing pleasure, even when surrounded by explosions, gunfire, death and destruction.

Seems nothing is off-limits any longer, create an interesting story even if a complete lie. And now we see what we thought was honest journalism is a scam as well.  Some of the off main stream media is now gold digging for viewers. Controlled opposition has hit a new low in reporting news.

Russia Today, Al Jazeera and I’m sure many other alternatives can no longer be trusted to report facts and truth. They have all jumped into the shopping cart along with much of the internet news. You can only believe what you actually see with your own eyes. But, that may have already changed with advancement in projected holographic imaging.

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