A major war is the only program that will save the U.S. from economic collapse, it has worked in the past. But, will it work this time, probably not. We no longer have the manufacturing base nor the capabilities we once had. All the manufacturing jobs where purposely outsourced to continue the fall of the American empire. If nations oppose another world war then they will oppose selling materials to the U.S. for starting and maintaining an empirical war. China would stop supplying food and other needed products to the U.S.. And, what of all the real estate they own here in the good old U.S.. Also, China has more women in their military than the U.S. has entirely. If a war of this magnitude is fought on the north American continent there will be hell to pay. As always, there are no winners in war.

China warns U.S.: military confrontation could arise over South China Sea dispute

The United States has been goading China in the South China Sea dispute for some time now by arming the Philippines – one of the parties in the dispute – and continuing to arm them with more naval vessels and training through joint exercises.

Meanwhile, the West has shifted focus over to the Asia-Pacific region and continues to pour huge sums of money into military hardware which seems to be designed to be deployed in a scenario like what might develop in the South China Sea or a more traditional conflict, perhaps with Iran.

China has been quite vocal in opposing the United States’ antagonistic hegemony and indeed has been increasing their military spending quite a bit.

Now Chinese state media has warned the United States that the dispute in the South China Sea could indeed lead to a military confrontation.

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