This is something everyone should know, you never know where or when bad shit will happen.

The Answer Lies Within Veterinarian Drugs.

It’s not a big secret that veterinary antibiotics and drugs do not require a prescription.  Drugs such as Fish-MOX clearly state on their label, “For Aquarium and Fish Use Only.”  But are they truly only for fish?  Are these antibiotics any different than what my pharmacist gives me?

When I started my research, all I found was information from pseudo-doctors and “scientists” from across the internet.  I found page after page of conflicting information regarding the human consumption of animal antibiotics.  Many people with several initials behind their name gave me a variety of answers or simply beat around the bush.  One MD would say XYZ, and another doctor would tell me ABC.  Some would say that they thought it would be safe to use veterinarian drugs, but only in dire times or as a last resort.  Others would warn against it entirely, and yet some would encourage their use in everyday applications.  And so I set out to find the Truth.  I wanted concrete information on the safety and efficacy of this particular endeavor.

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