Prez diabolical 10 22 12

          The one party system

28 minutes in: Romney states we need a strong military to defend the US debt. WTF is he talking about. Is that the same as saying we need to protect the federal reserve and the control of our monetary system though their fiat dollars to promote more wars against countries that don’t agree? He defends the corrupt banking system as much as he defends holding tens of thousands of Palestinians in an open land israeli prison. 

They keep talking about our allies, the only allies the US has are bought and paid for hookers. prostitutes for the USD. Now tell me again, how many tax payer dollars do we give israel et al each year? Stop giving our so-called allies our $$ and see where it goes from there.

Iran is innocent until proven guilty.

I can’t take all the BS, I’m going to bed and read some jim marrs or maybe some david ray griffin now..