Don’t pay your taxes and see how much you really own.

Always good to refresh old knowledge, this is of course to remind you don’t own anything including your self, it’s all controlled by the state. The only thing all of us have is debt, even with those pieces of paper with green ink in your pocket: those are debt instruments. Unless you have physical possession of silver or gold you do not have money, you have currency, which is not money and issued for commerence. The police state has been growing by leaps and bounds since the FF attack at WTC but, that was an excuse to give them, the US government more control of your life and world markets.

On February 10, 1987, While testifying in court, Tennessee Department of Revenue Operations Supervisor Denise Rottero told Judge Greer how Tennessee’s auto registration works.

The process begins with the “surrender” of the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) by the auto dealer to the Department of Revenue in exchange for Certificate of Title. Asked if a MSO is proof of ownership -Legal title -to the automobile. Ms. Rottero said, “Yes”

“Are you telling me that the ownership of an automobile is NOT title; it’s merely evidence that title exists? Your car’s legal TITLE is the MSO, which the dealer surrendered to the state?” Ms. Rottero said the MSO is put on microfilm for permanent keeping, the original destroyed.

After the trial, spectators expressed shock that their personal automobiles were actually owned by the state. “No wonder state law officers stop people for no reason!” said a housewife. “If your car’s got a Tennessee plate, it’s theirs, and they can do anything they like to you.” That’s the law, but it’s voluntary, No one but Judge Greer has dared say that if you don’t surrender your car to the state in exchange for plates, you go to jail.

Note : This is true not only for Tennessee, but for the other 49 states (VT) as well. When purchasing a new automobile, the buyer is required to sign fine print which authorized the dealer to obtain plates and registration for the vehicle. Purchaser need only to read this fine print to see that by doing this they are authorizing the dealer to act as power of attorney, and by doing so the prospective buyer is signing away his rights to that vehicle. When buying a used vehicle, the title (MSO) already has been signed over to the state. The state has the “birth certificate of the automobile”, in law called the alloidial or absolute title. If you finance all you get is the beneficial title. This allows the use of states property but, you have to abide by their rules. Drivers License, plates, insurance, speed limits, stop signs, traffic lights, ect.


It has been brought to my attention that the license plate sticker that you voluntarily put on your
property has imbedded in the background ”For Official Use Only” or “Official”).You have to look very hard to see it but it is there. Now every one knows that all municipal vehicles (City, County, State and federal) all have the sign on the vehicle ”For Official Use Only.” This implies that the corporate state has an interest in your personal property.




official 1) adj. an act, document or anything sanctioned or authorized by a public official or public agency (Public: connected with or acting on behalf of …..government). The term can also apply to an organizational act or product which is authorized by the organization. Associated concepts:official act, official bond, official business

See also related terms for official.

provost – Etymologically, an official “placed before” or “put in charge” of others, from Latin praepositus, “superintendent.”

custodian (Protector), noun champion, curator, guardian, keeper, manager, overlooker, overseer

 organization, typically a commercial bank or government, that holds in custody and safekeeping someone else’s assets. These assets may be cash, securities, or virtually anything of value.

Charles Sprinkle

Also: Did you realize your original “record of live birth (or birth title)” not the copy (birth certificate) you get, is registered with the US Department of Commerce?


The word register and registered, is used with commercial or legal based equity law. (you also voluntarily registered your car)

[Register n. in corporations, the record of shareholders, and issuance and transfer of shares on the records of the corporation.] (“registered” Security – bond — Merriam Webster Dictionary of Law 1996.)

As always, do your own research and you will find more.