Which One of these Signs Will Prevent Another Tragedy

What we have with the recent shooting in Connecticut is not a gun issue, it’s a pharmaceutical issue. As we are well aware now that the shooter, Adam Lanza was autistic with possible other psychological disorders he was probably being treated with SSRI’s like Prozac. Do you think the MSM would report that if no drugs where involved that the event would not have taken place, of course not. Drug companies spend tons of profit on advertisement within the media and they love to see your medicine cabinet full of their drugs. Basically these drug companies have become nothing but legalized drug pushers.

Every time a mass shooting occurs it ramps up the gun control proponents and their claim that guns are the problem. What would be the outcome if someone took several lives with a butter knife, or if a legal drug addict walked down main street and starting smashing heads in with a baseball bat. Would they ban silverware or bats by making everyone turn them into the proper authorities?

I’m certain the media giants will spin this to promote stricter gun laws and bans on certain guns. If the people are disarmed we become easy targets for complete control. Read your history to see the fate of disarmed citizens.

I’m sure the Obumer administration will use this to exploit this shooting to start the round up of arms and citizens whom decide to keep them, shipping them off to relocation educational camps.