Good old boy Alex was outed sometime ago. I gathered some info regarding his business a few years back, I will put it up as soon as I can locate it in archives.

11. desember, 2012

The Biggest Conspiracy No One Will Notice (Link to Original)

If the general public were to properly understand the implications of this scandal the repercussions would be enormous. However, properly explaining it to those that have so far viewed conspiracy theories with disdain, ridicule and/or lack of interest, will prove an enormously difficult challenge. Mostly because these people will not listen, and even if they did they would probably not understand why this is such an important discovery. Regardless, I must try, as this propaganda theater must be stopped. We are being portrayed as crazy, paranoid, angry and even violent, and to most people, it is working like a charm. Thanks primarily to one man, who plays the role to perfection.

Imagine if it had turned out that Batman had been financed and supported by the Joker. Now that wouldn´t make much sense would it? Why would the Joker support his biggest nemesis? Let´s imagine that this was proven and that you just needed to make sense of it anyway. Well, that would mean that Batman was serving a purpose, beneficial to the Joker. This much is obvious. We could then go down the road of trying to discover what that purpose was. Perhaps he always makes sure the Joker gets away at the last moment and succeeds with his plans, perhaps he eliminates potential rivals. At any rate, this would be a very comfortable position for the Joker to be in. The person that people counted on to stop him would have absolutely no genuine inclination to do so. 

Now, am I claiming that Osama Bin Laden was actually funded and supported by the CIA? Of course he was, but that is not the point of this article. It is much worse than that, and besides, who hasn´t heard that  “theory” by now anyway?
                       Meet Alex Jones
If you are even remotely into conspiracy theories of any sort you will know who this guy is. If you don´t, chances are there is a huge gap between our view of the world and a lot of the information I  present here will be met with cognitive dissonance (denial). He hosts a nationally syndicated radio and is the man behind two of the largest conspiracy websites in the US, and, both of which produce millions of hits a month. He has produced over 20 documentaries, held lectures and organized protests. He has been credited for predicting that Osama Bin Laden would be used as a patsy to conduct terrorist acts within the United States to further the agenda of the New World Order. VIDEO. He also famously broke into the Bohemian Grove to record a ritual called the Cremation of Care at a gathering of powerful individuals. VIDEO
However, there is a twist. This guy, and all of his activities is funded and scripted by the CIA through a company called Stratfor. This is no longer just a theory. This is now a provable fact.
I suspected this back in 2008, my suspicion was so strong that I wrote an entry on the David Icke forum titled “Isn´t it time we acknowledge that Alex Jones is a CIA agent” – To my astonishment the submission was moved to a subforum called “conspiratainment” – Implying that the post is somehow not intended to be taken seriously.
I was effectively being censored on a forum that supposedly champions open debate. Also I was attacked by multiple accounts where all of my posting history was subject to scrutiny. I was accused of being a shill and after my interaction with these accounts I was certain that these people had absolutely no intention of anything else than attacking and discrediting me. The post has now been removed from the site completely and I have know way of recovering it, so you´ll just have to take my word for it.
Now lets look at the hard evidence, this has just come to light very recently and is the ultimate proof of what I had suspected. As you will see, this is merely the smoking gun in a case that was already pretty solid against AJ.
However, in writing this article I face a massive challenge. My concern is that noone will notice this because of the following problems.
Nr.1 – Most of the people who have succumb the mainstream hypnosis will not know or care who Alex Jones is. Intuitively they will dismiss this article as conspiracy tainted and not make any attempt to logically assess the material in it. Even if they did they would lack a lot of background information necessary to understand the implications of these developments. Finally even if I could convince them that he is in fact a paid agent, they would not realize how this uncovers the true depth of the psychological warfare being waged against us. 
Nr.2 – Many of those who have overcome the mainstream hypnosis will have an emotional attachment to Alex and may credit him for opening their eyes. Many use his sites to navigate for information and will not notice this information if it never gets posted there. These people might denounce me as a shill and defend Alex with vigor without ever properly investigating these facts.
Before we look at the scandal that recently confirmed my suspicion, we need to do a tiny bit of background work. This game of connection has only 5 chains so it should not be to complicated. It goes CIA – TRAPWIRE – STRATFOR – MOLLY MARONEY – ALEX JONES
Trapwire is the largest, scariest, minority report, orwellian dystopian nightmare surveillance system the world has ever seen. It uses footage from cctv cameras combined with facial recognition technologies to keep track of us, under the guise of protecting us from terrorism.  Stratfor is a private intelligence company that recently came under scrutiny after wikileaks hacked their e-mails revealing details of their collaboration with TrapWire. Read more about it here and here
Stratfor describes Trapwire as “a unique, predictive software system designed to detect patterns of pre-attack surveillance and logistical planning” – It is also noted in the article that Trapwire was founded by former CIA agents. Stratfor was founded by George H. Friedman, his biography is here and his affiliations with the government, military and notorious think tanks such as the RAND corporations should not come as a surprise.
Now, as scary as all of this may sound in isolation, this is only intended so that when you watch this next video, you will realize how damaging to Alex Jones this connection really is.
To sum up the contents, Tila Tequila was asked to be on the Alex Jones show, but her appearance was cancelled at the last moment. The person who made this video complained to infowars that they didn´t let her on and got a response from a Molly Maroney, the editor in chief of infowars magazine. She decided to google the name and found out that this person had previously worked STRATFOR. Her efforts to ask Alex about this alarming connection were then censored repeatedly on his websites.
Now, understand, there may be a lot of conspiracy theories floating around out there, but this simply is not one of them. We are talking about straight up facts.
Think about it, why would the largest conspiracy site on the web hire a former employee of an intelligence company with a close connection to the CIA and the most comprehensive surveillance systems in history? Did they forget to check her resumé? Or is there something far more sinister at play here?
Stratfor was founded in 1996 in Austin Texas. source
Alex Jones began his career in 1996 in Austin Texas. source
It is interesting to note also that the article sourced above states that Stratfor is commonly referred to as the private CIA. 
And when we consider the implications of this, we have to ask ourselves another question. Regardless of what you may think about conspiracy theories in general, why would the CIA, a tool of the US government, pay a guy to shout everywhere he can as loud as he can that 9 11 was an inside job? As an example. Why would they want a guy all over the internet, raging against them and pointing out their lies and crimes? Wouldn´t that be against their interest? Apparently, it is not, and there are many clear reasons why as we shall see.
Control the head, and you control the body. This is how the richest people in the world manipulate entire economies in a pyramid scheme called banking. That is how they have always done it and will continue to until it stops working.
Here is the key argument I want to come across in this article. If the main conspiracy theories that Alex Jones advocates have no merit to them, then his purpose as a CIA agent would serve no logical or seemingly beneficial purpose. However, if they are true, he would serve a very specific and vital purpose.
The purpose of the Alex Jones show seems to be as follows
1. To act as a gatekeeper of accepted doctrines within the conspiracy community
2. To gather intelligence of activists and independent researchers
3. To easily identify  and get a list of dissenters
4. Maintain a sense of paranoia, fear and desperation in the awakened public
5. Be repelling to the point of obnoxious for the average person
6. Be right about many issues, but wrong about other issues, hence manipulating further the realm of debate
7. Discrediting damaging information by association
8. Be gentle when it comes to Israel
9. To attack other conspiracy researchers, and in many cases, accusing them of being CIA agents
10. To be a fucking dick
Now, I´m not saying that he is a dick, because that would mean I think he is being himself. He´s not, it´s an act. He´s a paid actor, he is just doing his job. You have to pay the rent somehow, right?
I started becoming suspicious of Alex when he started his campaign against the Zeitgeist films. His biggest concern was that he didn´t like the way the films exposed the christian religion as a fraud, and complained that it was anti-capitalistic and utopian. But mostly it was because when he interviewed Peter Joseph he was just so annoying, I´m not kidding, I´m talking Eric Cartman level of stupid and annoying. And his tactics felt very manipulative and trained, it didn´t feel like an honest debate.
You can listen to it here, he starts out very polite and says he agrees with 90 percent of the film but then goes on to attack almost every point made in the film. 
I then found this clip from Bill Cooper where he exposes how Alex uses blatant fear mongering and false reporting on the 31st of december 1999. I listened to it and it is just flat out ridiculous. At one point he claims that Putin is about to launch a nuclear bomb on the US. 
There are 6 parts but you can find the rest through the link on youtube
Bill Cooper was then murdered by the police, eliminating his biggest competitor, someone who had tried to out him as a fraud and a fear mongerer, and the man who predicted that there would be a staged attack in the US to start a major war against civil liberties. This was in June of 2001, he was killed in October.
Alex has since taken credit for predicting the attacks, which he in fact did in July 2001. a month after Bill did. But to be completely fair, Alex has used every opportunity he has had to predict mayhem, war, biological false flag attacks, the plunging of the dollar and other similar doomsday plots since the start of his show. Here is a compilation of his most bizarre and extreme predictions, all of which were very specific and none of which came true.
Are you starting to understand why this would prove beneficial to those who have a direct gain from getting people disassociated from conspiracy theories? Those who come across this video online will only be reinforced in their view that conspiracy thoeorists are stupid, annoying and wrong. Sadly, this is how most people feel.
He also generally gives the impression of someone in a volatile psychological condition. Here he starts crying, or more accurately he pretends to be crying, on air
Then there was the time he got beat up in the parking lot of his radio show after challenging said person to fight him. He subsequently claims he was attacked by 4 knife wielding terrorists for his political views. Despite not having any cuts, he also made up the charge that the person who beat him up had child pornography and allegedly threatened the man with his friends from the FBI. More on this story here
Then there was the time he suggested hanging his enemies in public squares. Pretty intense.
This is the sort of rhetoric that helps the elite portray those concerned about conspiracies as potentially dangerous and violent people, when nothing could be further from the truth.
Then there was the time he voiced his support for Israel. Here
Then there is the way he completely loses it… so many examples but just to name a few:
These are just a few examples. Here he is censoring and attacking a person for calling him out on his lenient stance on Israel. His arguments should sound insane for anyone who knows the true power of Israel and the extent of their oppression. Listen here
If this isn´t enough, then how about the time he tried to interrupt the occupy movement when it was gaining global momentum, and replace it with his personally patented occupy the fed. This is a classic case of divide and rule.
I hope you understand fully now. This stereotypical hillbilly hooligan is there to disrupt, divide and discredit the truth movement as a whole. Anyone who thinks his presence is justified for allegedly waking a lot of people up is simply wrong, he has done a lot more damage than good. He is probably one of the primary reasons that the stereotype of a paranoid conspiracy lunatic is so persistent. He has done everything in his power to emotionally manipulate and misinform his followers.
He has produced more than 20 films. And the problem is that he mixes in enough truth to attract the following of those who have discovered it by themselves. After all, he appears to be successful at what he does, and very prolific. How can you not route for the guy? He is exposing 911, JFK and all these other things that need to be exposed. I mean, sure, his methods may be a bit controversial, but he sure gets a lot of attention and has even made it to CNN and FOX. 
Well, now you know why.
The revelation that a member of his staff was directly involved with a CIA connected propaganda campaign is not merely suspicious, it is an absolute smoking gun, and a crucial mistake on their part. 
His presence in the alternative media ensures the status quo. He must be toppled from his stature as the self proclaimed king of conspiracy theories. We must stop sharing and distributing his material. We must use every chance we have to expose him. It does not matter how much of the information he presents is accurate, his presentation of it is carefully scripted to discourage people from believing it, and pointlessly infuriate or scare those who do.
This proves that the psychological warfare employed against us is much more sophisticated than most would suspect. It is interesting to see what is being done online, as part of this same campaign of disinformation.
Social media trolling
With the rise of online social media an unprecedented opportunity arose for the CIA and other similar institutions to vastly expand their propaganda warfare. Donald Rumsfeld spoke of the urgent need for this in a speech in 2006

Our U.S. Central Command, for example, has launched an online communications effort that includes electronic news updates and a links campaign that has resulted in several hundred blogs receiving and publishing Centcom content.

The U.S. government will have to develop an institutional capability to anticipate and act within the same news cycle. That will require instituting 24-hour press operation centers, elevating Internet operations and other channels of communication to the equal status with the traditional 20th Century press relations.

It´s been 6 years and they have made a lot of so called progress since. It is now estimated that roughly 83 million fb accounts are fake. SOURCE Anonymous hacked e-mails from HBGary Federal revealing a massive operation employing hundreds of people, each with multiple social media accounts for various propaganda purposes. A story about this can be found here A thorough review is recommended.

Israel openly pays student to post propaganda. See here

These people got paid to edit wikipedia in a pro-zionist fashion. See here

The US military creating fake online personas to spread propaganda. See here

Here is the story of one person who confessed that he had participated in these type of activities. See here

A good summary of these tactics can be seen here

There is a ton of information regarding this type of activity online but I will not spend more time on this here. The point is that these people are everywhere and they are employing every trick in the book to discredit and marginalize those who speak truth to power. And it is working. They will often pretend to agree with conspiracy theories but then go on to discredit themselves by stating something outrageous. This is called black propaganda and it is the essence of what Alex Jones is being used for.

Black propaganda from wikipedia

Black propaganda is false information and material that purports to be from a source on one side of a conflict, but is actually from the opposing side. It is typically used to vilify, embarrass or misrepresent the enemy.[1] Black propaganda contrasts with grey propaganda, the source of which is not identified, and white propaganda, in which the real source is declared and usually more accurate information is given, albeit slanted, distorted and omissive. Black propaganda is covert in nature in that its aims, identity, significance, and sources are hidden.

This technique has been used over and over throughout history and it´s effect is truly powerful. 

There is a traitor in our midst and he has done more than enough damage as it is. We must expose him and condemn him. Also we would do well in realizing what it is that he doesn´t talk about, as that will give us clues as to what it is the elite doesn´t want us thinking too much about. 

Is there a chance you have been consciously as well as subliminally programmed to form a negative stereotype of those who advocate conspiracy theories. It is certain that you have, now some of the more intelligent of you have surpassed this emotional manipulation through the application of logic related to available facts, but not everyone has the mental capacities to do this. But millions of people fall for this. Hollywood and mainstream entertainment also does it´s part in reinforcing these stereotypes, demonstrated by how many examples of a popular TV character you can find that is portrayed as an intelligent believer of conspiracy theories. I can only think of one, Huey Freeman from the Boondocks, a pleasant exception.

Now, only time will tell if Alex continues to ignore these allegations or if he will confront them in any manner. It is up to us, who are experienced in the field of conspiracy research to actively expose this and to be able to make this one more leap in paradigm, one that is necessary to realize how many of us have been duped, yet again. There is a war on for your mind, in which Alex is a double agent. This is now clear. This reminds me of a South Park episode where the 911 conspiracy theories are the subject, and in the show it turns out that the government is financing the conspiracy websites, which seem to be a spoof of Alex Jones and his network.

Stan could not understand why the government chose to do this. Perhaps if he knew that the conspiracy theories are true, he would realize why something like this was necessary for the conspiracy to be successful. And maybe we will now understand why so many of our attempts to expose it have thus far failed.

Here is a short article concerning some of these topics that connects Alex with the death of Andrew Breitbart.

Since my article on this subject is a bit long I´ve made this small online poster summarizing it´s message that can be easily circulated.