Alex Jones Propaganda

Here’s a perfect example of “rise up” when your not prepared Alex Jones propaganda video. Just like the corporate government, he wants you to do something that can get you killed or hauled off to be re-educated. Times where much different during the early years of this country, arms where evenly distributed among the population and the military. Everyone had the same tech. A blacksmith could produce a cannon and other arms of the time. Today it is a whole different story, try and manufacture a black-market strike drone, microwave/sound cannon or satellite camera. To produce today’s weapons would not be an easy task.  Be prepared, organized and ready for anything and don’t fall for a trap. TPTB want you to react without thinking or preparation, start thinking and training now and don’t let em fool ya.  Talk to close friends and family and make a plan for your well-being.

Vid sounds good but, think with that other half of your brain. The other half will tell you why would this be allowed in a controlled state? The media  powers in dc could shut down info junk wars in a heart beat, they would if he wasn’t doing their dirty work. Which is spreading mis-information and half truths.