Looking at past msm news to see where we’ve come and maybe where we’re going, I found this. So here’s one for ya, from almost 5 years ago. Good ole boy Glenn has been outed, outed I guess for being an “entertainer” on a TV “show”, go figure. But, once in a while he did chatter closer to the truth. But that’s how they roll; mix some truth with lies, misdirection, disinformation and a handful of scare tactic. About what alex jones does.

  1. Guess the Russia – Iran thing didn’t work out. Russia says it will back Iran if attacked.
  2. We don’t understand freedom. Don’t pay your income tax, property tax or any other tax for that matter, and then see how much freedom you have.
  3. Can’t debunk f=e=m=a camps, imagine that. Like we didn’t know they were there.
  4. There’s something going on in our country that ain’t good. No! Not here, can’t be. Is that an armed drone I see flying overhead? The “all seeing eye” has arrived.
  5. There are more of us than them, have no fear. Is Glenn promoting civil unrest with a hint of revolu—-tion.
  6. A standing battalion in Mary-land, should that be in virgin-ia? (they were named purposely) A super guard just in case of civil disorder. This may be what Glenn was referring too, have they gone home yet?
  7. Your tax dollars are going to pay for it. I’m quite certain everything the government does is paid by our tax dollars. The people will even pay to have their 2A confiscated.