Wizards of Was

Bill Cooper predicts Sept. 11. 2001 & Gun Control

Cooper did this long before “The best alternative media money can buy”. Alex Jones, tried to take credit for it on his broadcast talk radio. Of course this was proven in a heartbeat that Mr. Jones was plagiarizing Mr. Cooper

More here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAgTFWglHrc

With the entire amount of BS going on within the halls of the Whitehouse and within the government body whole:  You have to wonder about the cognitive input; Where is all this going? Is all this crap intentional to keep our minds reeling in confusion?  I don’t know but, sometimes I think the twisted plan is having some sort of bizarre impact on the right side of my brain.

Benghazi Scandal,

I-R-S Gate

Prism tap



New World Order

National Debt


War Crimes

Gun Control,

Drones (US)

Zionist world control

Georgia Guide Stones

Global (I’m freezing) Warming

Gov. ammo purchases (billions)

Militarization of Police

Hidden Planets


Secret Weapons

Trade Center (WTC) insider Collapse

Relocation F-E-M-a camps


GMO foods


GEO engineering chem-trails


Imperial Wars

Mass burial plastic coffins

Harrp weather project

Illegal Wars

Government gun & drug trafficking

Corrupted and bought politicians

Police state

Religious sex scandals

Fake moon landings

Media control


Fiat thin air currency

Libya gold (gone)

Gun control, and last I can think of right now

Conspiracy Theory.

The list above is now escaping the box while gaining reason from thinking people. Recently becoming known as Conspiracy Truth, not conspiracy. If I may; the new term should be “Conspiracy Prophesy”.  Giving promulgation as the above listed is now becoming known to be progressively underway as “agency projects” evolving the present and future consciousness of the ‘Powers That Be”. These people are afraid of the “whole people” and hoping not to be the “powers that where” The great and powerful wizards of Was……………… The courageous men and women that have brought this and yet to be published information to the alternative media, making us all aware to new insights and understanding, should be rewarded with our deep felt thanks and gratitude for the wake-up call.

By no means is the list above close to complete considering all the world events that are affecting us today and well into the future. 2025: will the voice be load and expressing “What is Freedom” or will it be a duct tape society functioning as told, trained in the public schools to believe what your taught. Washed with mind control, entertainment, prescription drugs and a destination all planned out for you and your children?

Dammed will be the Wizards of Was