This blog will post non-mainstream news from VT the U.S. and around the world. I’ll hunt and read the most interesting alternative news sites and link them here. Occasional local editorials and thoughtfulness from Local Minds will happily be posted.  Of course all local, and hopefully national, comment is always more than welcome but, may not reflect the thoughts and opinion of the host. Open minds and thoughtful insight is much-needed in today’s unstable economy amid never-ending corrupt elected officials, the MIC, the FED with thin air inked rag paper and wall street war for corporate profit.

As with many people, the more you learn the less you know. There are a lot of questions but, never very many good answers. It’s demanding and getting harder to read between the lines, the MSM is above effective at making their propaganda materialize as truthful. Even the alternative information on the internet and in print is not as reliable as it once was. Always examine the facts for yourself.

It’s the people’s right and duty to keep our government honest and doing what is beneficial for the people. This applies to our smallest communities to large cities and this country. Speak your mind and notably speak your truthful heart.