There certainly is a lot of bad happenings in the world at this point, you can’t help but wonder why. I’m not sure what to expect in the very near further, less than 30 days and counting untill the dreaded date of the Mayans. If it’s my time to go so be it but, it won’t be without a fight. I should have been out of here on several occasions, it’s everyone else I have concern for. Are they prepared for what may or may not come. Better to have it and not need it than to not have it and need it.

I was trained in the military in survival and worked with some elite teams. I know what it means to be prepared and have been for quite some time now. Having everything I (we) would need when the collapse or other devastating occurence arrives at our doorstep. Make sure you have some provisions put away, food, water, protection etc. for at least a couple of weeks minimum. Better safe than sorry.

I have to ask myself: why has the government built an array of underground shelters? If it’s a “just in case” preparation, then fine. But do they, the rich elite know something we don’t and their making preparations for their own survival.

F-E-M-A camps, fusion centers, fiscial cliff, N-D-A-A, HAARP, war, moon base, project blue beam, Denver Int. airport, TR 3C spacecraft etc. Who knows? Have you had a gut feeling something just doesn’t feel right? 

Not that I would sign a petition for the truth when the world is ruled by liars