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For Whom the Bell Tolled



When you look at a list of the people that committed assassinations you have to wonder where the notion came from, where they set up as patsy’s. More or less put up to their despicable deeds done dirt cheap, by an inside/outside source.  Not committed on their own accord. Will we ever know, No, their dead. At the same time we have to ask our self’s what about the witnesses of certain modern day events. Have they been suicided or disappeared due to the official story? Again, we will never know, dead men don’t speak.

A very solid segment of the below listed culprits have been proven to of had an in/outside influence. Such as governmental cabinet members and cia /fbi agents or unknown agencies involved with the banking cartels and members of the secret second government (black ops).  Some even said to be part of the MK-Ultra (mind control 1960/80’s) project to carry out a specific mission. How do we know? We don’t.

What follows is what I think is an interesting list of assassination or attempted assassination history. This is a primer to do your own investigation into the unknown history we didn’t learn in the controlled public dumb us down schools.

20th Century:

Giuseppe Zangara (F. Roosevelt, 1933) was born Sept. 7, 1900, in Italy, immigrated at age 23. Even by assassins’ standards he was short, just 5” Don’t forget the “New Deal” was a really a “RAW DEAL”.  It changed our free country as  much as the tyrant Lincoln did. Did Zangara know this and was used for the event.

Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola (Truman, 1950), born 1915 and 1927 respectively, were both Puerto Rican. Collazo was the youngest of 14. Both came to the U.S. , Collazo after his father’s death, to work; Torresola, at 18, to work for the Nationalists. Both were short by U.S. standards, but typical of smaller statured Puerto Ricans, Collazo 5’6” and Torresola 5’5”. Both had daughters from 1st marriages. Both knew extreme poverty. Did they lose family during the war?

Lee Harvey Oswald (J.F. Kennedy, 1963) was born Oct. 18, 1939, in New Orleans, of medium height, slight build. The 3rd child of 3, born to two fathers. His father died before he was born. His mother, who married, separated, reconciled, then divorced while Lee was young, found the children too much for her, sent them to orphanages, boarding schools, and finally the military. Oswald, was killed by Jack Ruby (Rubenstein) a Zionist mafia night club owner  before standing trial. The Warren Commission was called to investigate Kennedy’s death and found that Oswald had acted alone to kill Kennedy, we now know different. JFK made a lot of enemies by trying to do better for the union of states, particularly with the central banking system and Israel nuclear weapons program, which they have at least 400 now and have not signed any treaties.

James Earl Ray ( M.L.King, Jr., 1968), born Mar. 10, 1928, on the Illinois/Missouri border, of the American “poor white” parents; his father was an escaped prisoner; thus, they moved around a lot. Ray was very small; once squeezed through blades of fan to rob a bar. He had a few casual relationships, but the only close friends were his brothers; a loner, the 1st of 9 children. It has now come to light the cia was heavily involved. King was murdered because the trouble he was causing with the vote manipulation. Believe it or no,t the US did not want black votes counting in an election.

Sirhan Sirhan (R. Kennedy, 1968), was born Mar. 19, 1944, in Jerusalem to Palestinian Christians. His father was a successful civil servant, until Jerusalem was taken by Israel. The family had to flee, becoming refugees for 9 years before coming to U.S., when Sirhan was 14 the 5th of 7 children. Their father abandoned them and returned to Palestine. Again, we find inside maneuvering by governmental agencies. Bobby had plans to continue in his brothers footsteps.

Sara Jane Moore (Ford, 1975), born Feb. 13, 1930, Charleston, WV, American (half-Jewish) family, 2nd of 5 children. She was a short,slim, attractive young woman, dumpy as she grew older. She married 5 times, had 3 children (left with her parents),

John Hinckley (Reagan, 1981), born May 29, 1955, in Ardmore, OK, 3rd of 3 children; “short,” from 160 lbs to overweight; no real friendships or relationships apart from his obsession with actress Jody Foster. Reagan was shot because he wanted to know where the gold of Fort Knox was and what the hell was going on in area 51. He never mentioned either again, he was in his place.

Frank Corder (Clinton, 1994), born May 26, 1956, 2nd of 2 children. Recently divorced. Father died of cancer year before attempt. The Clintons have left a lot of bodies behind in their aftermath to the top. I’m surprised they have lived this long, with all those enemies.

Arthur Bremer (Wallace, 1972), born Aug. 21, 1950, in Milwaukee, short, pudgy, and a social outcast, no social skills and no successful relationships. He was 4th of 5 children of an alcoholic father and a mother, a “foundling,” ever emotionally distant. TPTB wanted him gone because he knew what was happening in the WH.

Leon Czolgosz  (William McKinley)  was shot two times by anarchist Czolgosz while the president was visiting the Pan-American Exhibit in Buffalo, New York on September 6, 1901. He died on September 14, 1901. Czolgosz stated that he shot McKinley because he was an enemy of working people. He was convicted of the murder and electrocuted on October 29, 1901.

19th century

Charles Guiteau, (James Garfield) In the spring of 1881, Guiteau, who had been a Republican Party supporter, became embittered after being refused a government job. He decided to assassinate President Garfield, and began tracking his movements. On July 2, 1881, Garfield was at a railroad station in Washington, D.C., planning to board a train to travel to a speaking engagement. Guiteau, armed with a large caliber revolver, came up behind Garfield and shot him twice, once in the arm and once in the back. I guess he couldn’t hold onto that large cal. Revolver.

John Wilkes Booth (Abraham Lincoln) On April 14, 1865, Lincoln was assassinated while attending a play at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C. Actor John Wilkes Booth shot him in the back of the head before jumping onto the stage and escaping to Maryland. Lincoln died on April 15th. April 26th, Booth was found hiding in a barn which was set on fire. He was then shot and killed. Eight conspirators were punished for their roles. Read “Lincoln , Unmasked” and you will know why.

Richard Lawrence, (Andrew Jackson) On January 30, 1835, Jackson was attending a funeral for Congressman Warren Davis. Lawrence, attempted to shoot him with two different derringers, each of which misfired. He was tried for the attempted assassination but was found not guilty by reason of insanity. He spent the rest of his life in an insane asylum. This sounds just like what happens today when the fbi foils a bombing plot, they set it up to look like the good guys.

History is a great subject as soon as you learn how to read between the lines.


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